The affordable complete plant design solution with inbuilt Engineering & Architectural tools


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The affordable complete plant design solution with inbuilt Engineering & Architectural tools

AViCAD is built using a powerful CAD engine produced by progeSOFT and is able to produce and read drawing in DWG format making it fully compatible with popular CAD packages like AutoCAD®. AViCAD saves your drawing by default in DWG format, and it can also import and export drawing files in DXF format. At this point you must be wondering how hard it must be to learn this new CAD solution! Well, it is easier than expected! Since AViCAD CAD works in very much the same was as AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®. AViCAD's menus, commands and shortcuts are nearly identical. Therefore if you are an existing AutoCAD® user you're naturally an AViCAD proficient user as well!

ActiveX integration Advanced CTB Advanced Data Extraction Aerial View Bitmap Clipping Customization (AutoLISP, DIESEL, SDS, COM Automation) DIESEL language support DWF Import & Export DWG Explorer (AViCAD) Eattedit ECW and Jpeg 2000 raster format eTransmit Express Tool Extended Hatches Find and Replace Google Earth™ Integration Gradient Hatch support Hidden lines in Dview Highlighted selection area Iconografics Interactive Purge JPG and PDF print Layer Manager Layers interface ... and more

AViCAD comes bundled with productivity tools that you won't be able to find in AutoCAD LT©® such as 3D Modelling and rendering as well as Express tools. It also contains features that you won't find in market leading packages such as AutoCAD©®. In addition to the process flow engineering tools, AViCAD also includes an Architectural utility which creates walls, windows and doors, plus the CAD software also integrates with Google Earth

This software is best suited for engineering and architectural firms that want the full potential of a market leading CAD package at just 1/8 of its price.



AViCAD 2011

User reviews about AViCAD

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    "No techinical Support"

    No support buy auto it at lease has some support and will help to ensure their product works..   More.

  • Kenergi

    by Kenergi

    "Poor back-up support, site not user friendly"

    Well was initially excited but found the system to be slightly unstable. New updates were provided with the last even...   More.

  • Geromeeng

    by Geromeeng

    "Great cad package"

    An excellent autocad clone. More feature packed at spectacu...   More.

  • engsolutions

    by engsolutions

    "One of the bast cad programs"

    Very well priced. Installation is fast and clean. Looks and feels like autocad. Easy to use tools and features.   More.

  • CADexpress

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    "Great software"

    This software is an excellent exacmple of 2D/3D software. Feature packed maybe even more than a standard More.